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The Glorious Church Conference 2015
Mar 2016

Jesus gave Himself so that He might present to Himself a glorious church. A radiant church, a vibrant church, a spotless church. He gave Himself fully, to bring her fully forth into her destiny as the full stature of Christ in the earth. This conference, put on by SparkStand Ministries in March 2015 in Overland Park, KS, highlights the Biblical future of the Body of Christ, especially in the midst of uncertain times. Full HD video and audio of the conference is available, featuring Ryan Couch, Fred London, Reggie Kelly, and Bryan Purtle.

Miscellaneous Messages
Aug 2011 - Feb 2016
The greatest adventure and grandest quest a human being could ever undertake is to climb the heights and plumb the treasures of the knowledge of God. We were created to be fascinated by the person and ways of God, and He has revealed Himself by His Spirit through His Word. Jesus is the Living Word of God, and the written Word always points to Him. These messages give us some practical insight into this great adventure ahead of us.
Christmas Messages
Dec 2011 - Dec 2013
Veiled in Flesh the Godhead See - Hail the Incarnate Deity! Some miscellaneous messages highlighting the glory of Jesus Christ at Advent.
Receiving a Love for the Truth
Jul 2013

In this two-part series Ryan shares the burden of his heart related to receiving a love for the truth in the midst of dark times. It is not enough to simply study the words of the Bible to fit into a theological system, because the times that are approaching us will test the hearts of men with much more than logical arguments. Jesus warned that many false teachers would come in the last days, and many false prophets who perform counterfeit miracles that will deceive many. God in His mercy wants to draw us near to Himself, who is in Himself truth incarnate! Jesus said I am the Truth (John 14:21), and therefore true and lasting intimacy is the only gateway to eternal truth. (Recorded at a home fellowship in Bryan, TX in July, 2013)

God's Heart & Plan in the Last Days
Jul 2013

There are approximately 300 scripture in the Old Testament related to Jesus' First Coming, and every one was fulfilled! Shockingly, there are over 2400 scriptures in the Old and New Testaments that deal with Jesus' Second Coming. That's over 8x the amount, and yet is it possible we have relegated their study to some "side-subject" called "The End-Times" only reserved for debating scholars? Have we missed part of our inheritance as the children of God by neglecting this vast subject about our Lord and Savior? In this 7-part series, Ryan sets the stage for a serious study of the last days and God's heart and plan to exalt His Son in all the earth. Focusing on removing common misconceptions and paving the way for everyone to understand the plain meaning of what the Bible says about the future, Ryan dives deep into the Scripture - that we might shine His light in the midst of dark times. (Recorded at Mosaic House of Prayer in Katy, TX in July 2013)

The Sermon on the Mount
May 2013

Jesus' longest recorded sermon was His clarion call to true discipleship. Every word - along with every action Jesus makes is an invaluable resource of understanding into the nature and character of God, as well as His beckoning heart for us to truly climb the mountain of God. Our journey is a long obedience, but the focus is higher heights and deeper depths in the knowledge of God. This teaching series combines various classes taught on the Sermon on the Mount at the International House of Prayer University in Kansas City, MO.

The Destiny of Nations
Apr 2013

Major mission leaders are declaring the Great Commission has almost been fulfilled. What is God's heart and plan for the nations in the last days? In this two-part series preached at the Kansas City Prophetical School, Ryan lays out the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom and God's plan to bring all nations into His millennial kingdom through the wisdom of the cross.

Table Talks
Apr 2013
A series of small-group table talks that Ryan has given related to the knowledge of God, the Christian Life, or the end-times. Join Ryan as he walks through various themes searching for the treasure of Jesus Christ in the scriptures!
The Apostolic Prayers
May 2011 - Sep 2011

Learning to pray is a life-long journey. Thankfully, Jesus not only taught us to pray, but modeled it before us. Additionally, the Holy Spirit inspired the writings of the apostles with many prayers that are not only helpful but powerful to engage us with the heartbeat of heaven. These teachings seek to dive into the heart of God concerning prayer and intercession, highlighting various patterns and strategies to grow us into mature prayer warriors. This collection was taught at the International House of Prayer University in Kansas City, MO.

The Book of Revelation
Apr 2011 - Aug 2011
The Book of Revelation (singular) is actually "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" which God gave to show His servants the things which must shortly take place. A controversial book that many will not touch with a ten-foot pole, this series is a prayerful, worshipful, Jesus-focused love-oriented meditation upon who Jesus is revealed to be as a glorious bridegroom, triumphant king, and uncompromisingly just judge. We don't want to let the idea that "no man can know the day or the hour" to keep us from God's appointed and inspired last-days prayer manual, this glorious book penned by John the Beloved. Furthermore, the Bible promises a blessing for those who read it, hear it, and keep what is written in it. Let's dive in!
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