TI am honored that you would consider me to speak to your group. It is an incredible blessing and a sobering reality to stand before the people of God, which is in fact, to stand and minister unto God Himself!

To stand before Christ’s beloved bride and communicate His thoughts and feelings by the Holy Spirit takes a surrendered vessel that has been soaked in prayer and been led to the cross. I do not take that lightly, but as it is my calling, I desire to be a messenger as Christ is revealed in me. This page is meant to help you determine if God is leading you to invite me to share at your gathering. After you review the information below, feel free to contact me directly using my "Book Ryan" signature graphic to the right, including some brief information about your event. Thank you for your time!

Speaking Engagements

This page was designed to help you know what to expect when inviting Ryan to speak at your upcoming event. Please take a look and click "Book Ryan" to email with any questions..

Through my upbringing in the conservative evangelical church, God was pleased to develop a strong love for the Scriptures and a desire to see Christ seen in and through them. At the same time, I believe the Father is raising up worshippers who worship in Spirit and Truth, and therefore believe strongly that our inheritance as the people of God lies not in the balance but in the fullness of each of these realities. The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible, and the Bible promotes the Holy Spirit, who alone guides us into all truth.

I’ve served in various capacities preaching, teaching, pastoring, and building up the Body of Christ in traditional church settings, on college campuses, retreat centers, and ministry schools. My heart is to see the people of God awakened to the great love of God and His triumphant plan in the midst of the crises of our times. I believe God is moving greatly to raise up a people who will “know their God ... be strong, and perform great exploits” (Dan. 11:32) in these last days for the glory of the Lamb!


“I've had the privilege of Ryan Couch speaking at our Internships here at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City numerous times. He has a very thorough knowledge of Scripture with strong biblical content, is able to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit in ministry times and has the tender heart of a wise shepherd who is able to speak across multiple denominational lines with cultural sensitivity. I am convinced that any ministry, whether conference, small group or prayer gathering would be blessed to have Ryan Couch minister to them!”

Corey Stark
Executive Director of Internships
International House of Prayer Kansas City

“While I was in the internship at International House of Prayer, I was challenged with many new and exciting teachings. Ryan was instrumental in the teaching, in the pastoring and in coming along side to encourage me in a way no one had ever done for me. The honor I receive with his compassionate care in patiently teaching this older generation to walk in close relationship to the Lord was above standard. Ryan's teaching reflects his heart for Jesus, his passion for the Lord of his life and everything he does in preaching,teaching,counseling reveals prophetically who Jesus is and how He feels about us.”

Intern at the House of Prayer

“Our entire family has been absolutely captivated by Ryan Couch's teaching of the Word. The Book of Revelation came alive beyond anything we've ever experienced! He provoked us to dig deeper into scripture ourselves - we left both full and hungry for more!”

Michael and Shari Lienau
Directors of Global Net Productions

“A.W. Tozer said, "The greatest thing about a man is what comes to mind when he thinks of God. Do you desire to grow closer to the LORD in prayer and encounter of His Word? Then I commend to you the ministry of my good friend Ryan Couch. We've co-labored at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City for several years. He is one of our Internships most popular teachers. He is a man of Integrity who longs to make the deep things of God accessible to the hungry. Come and receive from one whose greatest joy is love God and pour into the people of God! Ryan is a new breed of servant-leader! He longs to release fresh revelation from the scriptures and refuses to do it apart from intimacy with Jesus. Servanthood, raw faith, and the desire for dynamic community in the context of a praying church are hallmarks of Ryan. With great zeal and enthusiasm I commend to you this ministry!”

Chris Ferguson
Director of Pastoral Care
International House of Prayer Kansas City

"Ryan Couch is a teacher of the Word who impacted my heart from the first time I heard him teach! His enthusiasm, love, and knowledge of not only the Word of God but the heart of the Father enables him to walk in a rarely found authority thats cuts through distraction and delivers truth. A clear message, delivered with passion, and birthed from personal experience is what makes Ryan a highly effective teacher and a joy to learn from!"

Amy Sullivan
Executive Administrator

“The teaching was great. Clear, powerful, and anointed. I wish it was on CD so I could go back and hear it again!”

Efrain Sanchez
Cornerstone Law Group

“Hearing Ryan Couch teach, it's clear that he applies Mark 12:30-31 to his own preaching: "You shall preach the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." And, "You shall preach to your neighbor just as you preach to yourself." Brother Ryan teaches powerfully to both heart and mind, and seeks to live out, with humility, his own message.”

Harvard Graduate, Intern

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About Ryan

Ryan W. Couch lives, works, and pastors in Kansas City alongside his wife and two daughters.

He's passionate to see this generation discover the real Jesus and the true gospel.